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    About Us

    • Suzhou Leyang Technology Co., Ltd.,is established in 2009, which is located in No.5368 Wuzhong Avenue ,Xukou Town,Suzhou City,Jiangsu Province. Our factory is mainly devoted to the design and manufacture of precision mold, the processing of precision parts ,we have 5 sets of injection machines to try-out mold and produce parts. At pres...
    • Suzhou Leyang Technology Co.,Ltd.


    • Linear Cutter Stapler

      Linear Cutter Stapler

      The handle body includes a handle body, a push knife, a nail magazine seat and a nail abutment seat. The handle bod...
    • What\'s the advantages of surgical stapler ?

      What\'s the advantages of s...

      Compared with traditional manual suture, instrument suture has the following advantages:1. The operation is simple an...


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