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    Suzhou Leyang Technology Co.,Ltd.

    Plastic Injection Moulding Exporter

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    • Company : Suzhou Leyang Technology Co.,Ltd.
    • Telephone : +86 13926068023
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    Product Details

    Contact Us

    Five Advantages Of Products

    • OEM/ODM service
    • Experienced engineer
    • Strictly QC system
    • 24 hours production(two shifts)
    • Prompt delivery

    Product Details

    Plastic Injection Moulding Exporter

    The Mould Main Machines List:

    4 sets of CNC : 1 set Beijing Carved,2set Changzhun,1 set Taikan

    7 sets of EDM :1 set Makino, 3 sets Sodick, 3 sets NEUAR

    7 sets of Low Speed Wire Cutting : 5 sets Sodick, 2 sets Chmer

    Mold standard: FUTABA,LKM,HASCO,DME

    Use Meusburger and MISUMI brand components

    Steel brand: ASSAB and SCHMOLZ+ BICKENBACH 

    Hot runner: Synventive,Mold master,Yudo,Hasco

    Mold size: ≤ 1000mm*800mm*800mm

    The Injection Moulding Machines List:

    1 set Demage:100T

    1 set Toyo: 100T

    1 set Haitian: 200T

    1 set Haitian: 250T

    1 set Haitian: 320T

    Use in: Automotive,Household appliance,Medical product,Daily necessities,Consumer Electronics,Industrial product etc.


    Our Service:

    1. 10 years of rich experience in mold industry and a wide range of products
    2. Main markets covers USA, Europe, Asia
    3. Outstanding merchandise and considerate 24 hours on-line customer service
    4. Punctual delivery, good quality and satisfy customers request
    5. Best after-sale service
    6. A number large production lines, strong technical strength and advantage production equipment


    Our Company:

    Suzhou Leyang Technology factory majors in manufacturing of plastic injection mold ,plastic parts etc. Our main market :USA, Europe, Japan, Malaysia ,Singapore .We have over ten years of experience in manufacturing, quality control and good customer service to our customers. The biggest strength is that we have our own tooling and mold dept., for which we can wholly control the cost and lead time of product molds, then make more new shapes and cost-effective products to our customers. Under this situation, the new product cycle and cost are relatively superior to other suppliers in the market.



    Suzhou Leyang Technology Co.,Ltd.

    Contact Person: Sophia Xiao

    Department: International Market

    Post: Sals Manager

    Telephone: +86 13926068023

    Landline: +86 0512-66385718-8016

    Company Address: No.5368,Wuzhong Avenue,Xukou Town,Suzhou City,Jiangsu Province

    Website: www.sn8wg02.cn

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