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    Suzhou Leyang Technology Co.,Ltd.

    factory custom design plastic parts plastic injection mold

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    Product Details

    Contact Us

    Five Advantages Of Products

    • OEM/ODM service
    • Experienced engineer
    • Strictly QC system
    • 24 hours production(two shifts)
    • Prompt delivery

    Product Details

    Factory custom design plastic parts plastic injection mold


    Mold tolerance can do from ±0.005 to ±0.01mm,

    Low speed wire cutter process tolerance: ±0.005mm

    CNC process tolerance:±0.01mm

    Grinding process tolerance: within ±0.002-0.005mm

    EDM process tolerance: ±0.01mm

    FOT time: around 4 weeks

    Mold standard: FUTABA, LKM, HASCO, DME

    Use Meusburger and MISUMI brand components.

    Steel brand: ASSAB and SCHMOLZ+ BICKENBACH 

    Hot runner : Synventive,Mold master,Yudo,Hasco

    Use in : Automotive, Household appliance, Daily necessities, Consumer Electronics, Industrial product etc.


    With ten years produce experience and as an ISO 9001:2015 compliant facility, 

    we are driven to ensure your quality requirements are met and exceeded.

    Equipment Details:  http://www.sn8wg02.cn/aboutus/

    Suzhou Leyang Technology Co.,Ltd.

    Contact Person: Sophia Xiao

    Department: International Market

    Post: Sals Manager

    Telephone: +86 13926068023

    Landline: +86 0512-66385718-8016

    Company Address: No.5368,Wuzhong Avenue,Xukou Town,Suzhou City,Jiangsu Province

    Website: www.sn8wg02.cn

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